Friday, February 20, 2015

another seed... a tattoo'd doll key

after following some recent threads on Fet Life about dolls with videos and links; i spotted one of a new tattoo a member had done. it was a simple but basic doll key hole.

now i still don't like tattoo's but i always was seduced by the idea of having one done for a lover/owner/mistress/domme. perhaps the idea that it would start simple and small and be added too while i was being trained and shaped relentlessly to be her perfect rubber doll.

a search later i found a better photo...

perfect in so many ways. easy to hide, but i'd know it was there.

combine it with hypnosis and when it was touched - would trigger doll mode....

closest i've come is when under supervision and command from SL domme rubber cultist (sorry forgot the names of them) i was initiated into the group and given a number. that number i henna'd onto the sole of my foot - just like a doll. i had to reapply over and over again - it stained my soul... and my heels.

i degress.

another thought for fetishistic fiction is a tattoo that starts simple, but slowly grows, is added to and consumes the subject - until there is just a doll left and a proud owner.



Anonymous said...

It starts with a mark on your foot. Every body part so marked falls under the control of the owner, with the key being the final mark that confers total power. Mmm ... I like it :-)


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