Wednesday, February 25, 2015

honey glazed people... or perhaps its a latexification process

no its 'art; and its honey. but i can dream can't i? reminds me of a story and artwork by fellow kinky blogger Andy Latex.

now did someone lick it all off?



Andy.latex said...

Holy Cow, wow, Yes I see the potential for some serious creativity from this post. I have have Syrup poured on me in the past, which felt slow and heavy but never honey.
Great find as ever.

John Evans said...

Lovely - it even matches the colour of natural translucent latex. Could so be a scene from the ritual induction of a supplicant into a latex society.

Asudem Latex said...

and what would that be... i'm intrigued.

i hear there is a regular event in London called 'Rubber Cult'


John Evans said...

I hadn't thought in that much detail.