Wednesday, July 07, 2010

does RSS subscribers count towards hits?

does anyone know? i've always wondered?

also when i'm not posting too often due to rl work etc, do you keep checking and or do you take sometime to explore all the older posts you have not seen?

just wondering.



Peter said...

In answer to the first question, no idea, and to the latter, yes I do:) It's just a superb blog,


Anonymous said...

I read every post. When you take time off I wish you well and always hope you will return soon..

Since I'm one of those RSS subscribers, I wish I had the answer for you. Instead, I've started clicking through every post.

Bless Asudem.

Mundus said...

Yes, it does as its a client visiting a file on the web server as does a searc engine spider visit.

Just to clarify things a bit, a hit is a visit to any file on a web server (a page can generate several hits for example), a page impression is someone visiting a page and a unique user is a new user visiting the site.

Its unique users and returning uses which are the most useful information regarding how popular a site is.

Robbyboy said...

I'm not so sure if that's the case. Cause as far as I'm aware. A counter is put on a certain HTML page (mostly the index page) and RSS doesn't always use the index. html or index.php page, but RSS mostly uses index.xml or rss.xml. so it doesn't even see a counter thus doesn't +1 the counter.
But I'm still just a n00b it-guy, so I might not be correct here.