Thursday, July 29, 2010

is she hypnotising you or is she hypnotised herself?

neat idea and someone should do more like this;

there could be a whole series in this format.



Anonymous said...

Just from my briefly skimming this, it appears that she has some control of herself. I think what she's doing, in terms of performance, would qualify as a "dramatic reading"...

Meaning she prepares her material in advance and reads it from cue cards located to her upper right, in her lap, etc. Watch where her gaze goes, where she looks. She probably also cues herself to repeat certain gestures too (with the hands mainly).

A little over a minute in something starts to happen with her breathing and posture though....deeper breaths, rounding of her shoulders. I won't rule out her having post-hypnotic triggers of her own. She may be using her own triggers, for whatever reasons (self-confidence, getting her to act the way she wants her viewers to react, etc.).

I don't believe she's fully in trance herself though, she does appear to stay focused and do her thing. I'll have to review the video again at low volume to see if her voice changes any, or if any words she says seem "special" for her.

Just my two cents so far,

Bradley Poe

Anonymous said...

Yep, definitely a "dramatic reading", she's roleplaying it. Maybe she's heard of some things online, knows what repeat-relax material is, knows what a deepener is....she knows enough to use an attention-getter for her eye, but doesn't _use it_ until the end really.

But she depends on her acting skills--vocals and repeated gestures--for the induction to work. On a second view you can see her swallow quite a bit, she's tense herself and working to maintain her act. Either that or it's a subvocal trick she uses to alter her voice.

I'd say she's ok for a rookie, but anyone who knows what hypnosis is or does will spot her game right off. If she wants to put people under and not just play at it...she should consider:

--doing more to hide her cue cards, it really is clear that she's reading some of her lines,

--do more with the eye-marks. Seriously, the ONLY time I felt anything in the video was when she winked at the end. She needs to be more direct and consistent with that gaze manipulation.

--cue her trance deepeners more organically, to things she already does. Cue inductive elements to her changes in posture, breathing, gesture and voice. As it is, it almost seems like she's just doing a reading of a simple text file or mp3 file, and well, what works in text may not play so well in physical performance on-camera.

So far, I'd give her a B- or a C+ really. It's clear that she's got some good ideas, but the execution's off. Needs some refinement given what she's doing.

Again, just my plug nickel. If you don't know what to expect it works a little bit better. That's the thing--it won't do much to those who have seen this "game" before.

Bradley Poe

Mundus said...

Just seems a bit odd to me, she isn't in a trance and if she was trying to induce a trace then why keep stopping, why the unusual attire and eye makeup and why isnt she fixing her gaze? Another odd thing is that she keeps changing the tempo of her voice as though she is forgetting herself and is either excited or nervous. I'm not sure I'd agree with her using que cards as her eye movements tend to be either recall positions or dramatic positions and they don't move liniarly from those positions which would indicate reading.

Good find though and if it interests people in hypnotism then thats not a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

That's the thing, I'm guessing the tempo changes are nerves, like the swallowing. And sometimes a _planned for_ interruption or bit of confusion can have an entrancing effect, but this isn't it.

And, some people can and do read simple material at a glance. I know I personally can glance-read a line or two from a page or card without moving my eyes back and forth. I guess "prompting" would be a better way to describe it than "reading" though, she may just be using single words or small phrases as reminders.

Or post-hypnotic triggers (suggestions). It's unlikely--the rookie nerves do give it away--but you never know.

Just saying,

Bradley Poe