Wednesday, July 07, 2010

a new doll in second life.... and...

Hello, Dolly

It has been a long time, but finally you've come to your senses and decided that staying away has hurt you more than being with me. And in doing so, you are going to become the doll of your dreams.

Dolly will have an owner. Dolly will have a body, a name, a face, breasts, hair, ass, legs . . . all that dolly could ever want.

Dolly will learn to enjoy her owner's love

Dolly will learn the submission only a doll can offer.

Dolly will learn that only be not wanting anything will she gain everything.

Dolly will discover that with an owner, there is never any reason to think about what she will do next . . .

And as we know, dollies don't think. They don't need. They don't feel. They just are.

They are pose-able, they are dress-able, they are beautiful.

Dollies are to be played with--

Only, can you know when you're owner is going to play nice?

When dolly is ready, dolly will be . . . made.



Asudem Latex said...

Anonymous said...

Sounds great to me, let me know where to go and sign up.

To bad it was in second life and not real life.


jsan said...

sounds like your old friend is already processing you for a life as her doll