Sunday, August 15, 2010

all over the runways

well that was fall 2009 according to the date on the video - so we're running a bit late. with close to 30,000 hits i'd say its still no a real trend unlike latex like leggings. though if there's anything to go by it does make this blog very early and ahead of the trend.

meanwhile over at the Doe Deere Blogazine there's a much more comprehensive how too which is much more an obvious doll look as demonstrated by the end resulting photo bellow:

for a more grass roots then check out the various entries at the Madradstalkers - Live Journal.


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Kerry said...

Hi, Kerry here with the straight scoop about Rubbersister's masks. Jacline is in fact wearing one of my Alice masks that they have repainted themselves. I do a pretty good replica of it, which you can see on my site. Monica has never used my masks. Up until last year she used masks once made by Paul Barrett-Brown which they painted themselves. Now she has her custom-made silicone masks like the ones she sells on her site. Hope this clears this up, let me know if I can help you become a doll, I'm sure we can make a deal!