Saturday, August 14, 2010

she is that size!!!

further on the photo of the red catsuited women from Fantastic Rubber - i will repeat so it sinks in - she is actually that size. (click images to enlarge)

according to Fantastic Rubber themselves who kindly provided another photo to prove it; "the picture isn't altered - she is so slim".

they also added that; "She has 2 corsets from me, one with 38cm waist, the other with 36cm." for those of us not aware of the metric system that translates to a stunning 15 inches and a smaller 14.2 inches. i bet she would rattle loosely if she were ever to get into a mannequin shell.

Fantastic Rubber was also kind enough to supply some new images of their new designs that are still effectively catsuits with transparent panels with added fine detailing which is added by gluing directly onto the clear latex:

which can be better seen on this close up;

photo's by Raymond Kerrin Larum at the Latex Experiment.



Unknown said...

Wow, i do love their look. I was fortunate enough to be able to visit them in their very homely workshop recently. Have a couple of neck-entry catsuits on order, as well as a corset, which I have to say, is rigid, strong, but comfortable.

ClosetMonster said...

Wow! I was very surprised by their videos demonstrating how to put on the neck entry catsuits. I would not have expected the neck opening to have that much elasticity! Amazing.

That new corset-look catsuit is brilliant. I love it.

Asudem Latex said...

oh it is exactly like that. it takes some gentle care to get on and very tricky to get off. i initially thought i was trapped in it!

i managed after awhile..

now the face entry one - you would never ever get it off without help. needless to say when i'm in the right live in relationship its top of the list ;-)