Friday, August 27, 2010

only one word - Brilliant

new captions by TSG and i think you'll agree;
followed a day later by a continuation;
be sure to click to enlarge to read them properly.

and of course hoping there is more in the series. maybe she'll let me share her thoughts on a final suit for me with you all.



Anonymous said...

Wow... That's perhaps the absolute hottest story, much less caption I've ever seen... MAJOR Kudos!

Rubber Man said...

Wow! That could be _very_ tempting ;) Though pretty tough decision on how far one would want to go ...

Anonymous said...

A random thought; maybe thats the appeal of tattoo's?

Not just the result of what it is and looks like - also the no going back part, the build up, anticipation as well of course the pain barrier?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful concept ...I wonder what would happen if someone was exposed while in a hard kigurami mask or surounded by another hard surface ? plastic ,wood ,metal or plaster ?


Anonymous said...

Nice captions.

My google-fu is being rubbish at the moment, but what is the URL for TSG?