Sunday, August 15, 2010

could i become a rubber sister?

maybe its the fact that in just over two months and halloween will be upon us and i'm sort of getting interested in masks. not that i like most of them, though i do think the The Rubber Sisters do it the best IMHO.

so i wrote them with an offer for a prime blog advert to link to either their pay site or their full doll suit sale site in trade for one of their older full head masks.

sadly not a peep. ...yet..

i like the idea of joining them as just another rubber doll clone..

though another brilliant idea came to me, get one of their masks and have it expertly painted to look like my second life avatar. does anyone do that? real life second life masks? do share.

i think its all down to the make up and the level of talent they put into them. i do hear on the grapevine that they are in fact Kerry's Masks, simply repainted.

then another crazed idea came to me which i'd do if i won the lottery. i'd find a new mannequin i really like the look of; then buy a dozen of them and mail them to top fetish stores around the world for free as long as they kept her in latex and called her Asudem.

a step further is to have a professional spfx mask maker create a wearable one based on the Asudem mannequin.

well i can dream can't i?


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Anonymous said...

I have sold several masks to Monica. They were all made by Paul Barret-Brown from the UK. He no longer makes masks, however I have several I would be willing to sale, some are not painted, some are. Contact me if you are interested and serious about buying one.