Monday, August 23, 2010

when video games are live

of course the female lead is dressed in latex. the future demands it now doesn't it?

video is viewable it multiple resolutions and of course downloadable too.



Anonymous said...

And of course, like most video game characters, there's a cross-hairs target on her back.

Literally. *lol* ^__^

Nice find.

Bradley Poe

Mistress Rani said...

Most of the time the future demands it . . . until people realize just hot warm the future can be. Then it's best to dress differently *smiling*

Anonymous said...

Ever since "Zero Mission," that's been the standard "under-armor" suit for Samus. Though I will admit, I'm pretty sure it was never that shiny until that commercial. >_>

Anonymous said...

It's a cliche now, ain't it?


Mistress Rani said...

When it comes to powered armor it's best to get into it naked, but that would present issues for the game makers, wouldn't it? You'd probably have people wearing something a lot more breathable than latex, though, when they're out of the suit.

Lordsathien said...

Shame the game is a horrible mess to play (when the hell did Samus need a guy's permission to unlock her upgrades?!), but it does look nice.