Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Acquo boots Return!!!

yes believe it or not the legendary fetishistic 70's rubber boots / rain boots / 'wellies' are back!! and they're back in knee high, over knee and thigh high.

(click to enlarge to full size)

not much information has come through yet from Jessica who must of "had a google" and found a lot of references to the boots by me on this blog and followed through by emailing me a swedish ebay like listing where they had ten for sale here. the new page for the boots relaunch is unsurprisingly

the auctions end on the 19th and top thigh boots are listed at 1900 kr which is about 275$ or 175£.

style wise they are identical to the Acquo boots that were around in the 70's which makes me wonder if the original molds have been found. the closest thing to Acquo boots were the Sigerson Morrison 'Rain or Shine boots which were also made from a soft rubber and were pull on too.



Libertina said...

How wonderful!

I've longed for a pair of these thigh boots for years. I'll keep an eye on the website to see when they become available!

alphaxanon said...

We should all contact them, and let them know what a market they should make larger sizes!

lampwick said...

I too would love to own a pair! How can I contact the Company to let them know? Jerry

Unknown said...

Theese boots available form web shop:
EU -sizes 38 - 45

Unknown said...

theese boots available from web shop Colors, red, black, yellow and blueberry, EU sizes 38 - 45!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, they are coming back now !!!!

Anonymous said...

ACQUO rubber boots are back !!!!!!!
Visit the Web Site and vist us on Facebook.

ACQUO of Sweden

(don't visit, they have bad copies)