Wednesday, November 03, 2010

maid tina - story

this story was part 1 of 2 which was sent to me a couple - if not more - years ago. i've managed to contact the author and he can't remember it. its very good, part 2 being even better. it wasn't finished at the time and hence the delay in ever publishing it here.

so here it is. maybe this will get him to remember it and finish it.

author - do write if you want it taken down.


Maid Tina

My boyfriend and I were standing in the New Age section of the
bookstore flipping through books when I felt someone crash up against me
from behind. I felt my head hit the bookcase, my boyfriend cry out
'Tina!', and I fell to the floor stunned while a pile of books fell around
me. I held my head and rolled over onto my back.
A woman stood over me holding a small pile of books and looked
totally stunned at what had happened. "I'm so sorry! The books slipped
out of my hands and I was trying to catch them and I didn't see you!"
she said exasperated.
Gavin, my boyfriend, helped me to my feet and I stood rubbing my
head facing my attacker. She was my height with short black hair which
hung around her ears. She was smaller than me physically, with A or B
cup breasts compared to my D cup. She was dressed all in black, with a
tiny rock band T-shirt and black jeans. Compared to this girl, I was a
busty blonde even though I was nothing of the sort.
She put down her books and offered to buy me a coffee. We sat in the
café while she apologized again and again for hitting me. It turns out,
her name was Victoria and she was looking up books on witchcraft. She was
trying to become a witch. Gavin and I looked at each other, being Wiccan
ourselves, and giggled a little. That seemed to break the ice and soon we
were chatting up a storm, talking about all kinds of things. Victoria was
joining a coven of women who she'd known for a long time. They offered to
teach her all they knew.
Gavin and I had heard this kind of thing before. We had been in a
coven once and it hadn't worked out. They were our friends and they had
been talking behind our back. We had talked about rejoining a coven but
knew it was very difficult to rebuild that kind of friendship.
However, Victoria and I had remained close friends and within
months, we were seeing each other regularly. Victoria always wore black
and I found out that the day we met in the store she was 'dressed like a
muggle' as she put it. Her typical dress was much more elaborate and
gothic, borderline fetishistic. She always wore chains and had plenty
of piercing. She was a lesbian and her coven were all lesbian, which
made Gavin feel left out. He grew distant as my friendship to Victoria
grew stronger.
The day I met some of the rest of her coven was the shock of my
life. We decided to meet in a café and I arrived early. I got to watch
as three women walked in and sat at my table. Victoria was first
through the door and she wore a short miniskirt in black glossy latex
and a corset top which was white and black shiny plastic as well. Her
breasts were pushed up as much as possible and threatened to spill over
the top. She wore short white gloves and knee-high black boots.
A black shiny collar encircled her neck and was attached to a leash
which lead to a second woman. This second woman was tall, much taller than
me, although she probably matched my weight. Her hair was long and red.
She wore a long shiny white coat which would have been suitable for a rainy
day, but looked out of place on the sunny one we were having. She wore
black high heels which clicked as she walked on the café's tile floor.
The third woman was the most immodestly dressed out of the three.
She wore tight black rubber pants which flared at the bottom for her
boots. Her top was black gloss as well with short sleeves and had a
large cutout right at her cleavage. Her hair was drawn up tight into a
bun and her fingers and neck were adorned with jewelry.
The three approached my table and Victoria introduced the two of them
as if she wasn't at the end of a leash. The redheads name was Sonja and
the one with the bun was Selene, and they turned out to be very nice. We
talked about everything from paganism in general to how great the coffee at
the café really was. I learned that Victoria's initiation was very soon
and in their coven, the new initiate went through a kind of hazing.
Victoria just smiled and told me that she was having fun despite her fellow
coveners attempts to humiliate her.
"Are you into bondage and rubber?" I asked to Selene and Sonja.
Sonja was the first to respond, "Of course!" she said with a smile,
"There is nothing more magical than the way I feel when I wear rubber."
Selene's response was a little more severe, "Rubber, dominance, and
submission are ways to true happiness for everyone in our coven. Everyone
who is in our coven lives the lifestyle."
We talked for another hour and just as I was about to get up and
leave, Gavin came storming through the door.
"I figured as much! I figured I catch you with a bunch of dykes!"
My guests were shocked by his outburst and so was I. I stood up and
yelled back, "Who the hell are you to judge them! They are wonderful
"I don't want you hanging out with them anymore, we're going home!"
he said as he grabbed my arm
"Fuck you asshole! You can't fucking tell me who to be friends
with!" I said pulling my arm away. He reached for it again and I kicked
him in the shins which sent him to the floor with a howl.
"Don't fucking come home bitch. It's fucking over."
I was stunned. If he was so upset as to dump me, yelling and
screaming in public, it was truly over. I put my head in my hands and ran
out of the café and into the daylight. I ran across the street into a park
and sat on a bench weeping into my hands. A few minutes later I was joined
by Victoria, Selene and Sonja who sat down next to me and tried to console
me. Victoria handed me my purse which I had foolishly left in the café.
"I realize we just met Tina," said Sonja, "but your welcome to stay
with us for a while. Our coven is going through some changes right now and
the manor house we all share has a few extra rooms. Your welcome to stay
there until you get your own place."
I pulled out a tissue from my purse and blew my nose before thanking
them. Somehow, being with Victoria's coven seemed better than being alone
or with Gavin.
We watched as Gavin walked out of the café and walked in a direction
away from the apartment. "Can I ask for a favor? Can we go to the
apartment to get some stuff together? I don't want to be alone with him,
and I don't think he's going back to the apartment right now."
Sonja looked at me softly smiling, "Absolutely, just lead the way"
Victoria and I walked in front of Selene and Sonja. I felt out of
place in the group. Behind me walked two very sexual women, dressed to
impress, and next to me walked a rubber slave, dressed for pleasure. I
looked down at my t-shirt and sneakers and wished I was dressed the part,
just so I wouldn't feel so awkward. I envisioned myself in a matching
outfit to Victoria's walking down the street at the end of a leash. It
made be feel horny despite everything that had happened.
We entered the apartment and I quickly grabbed two bags and filled
them with what I could. One bag ended up being books and religious items
along with my make-up and other stuff, the other bag was filled with as
much clothes and underwear as would fit. I saw Sonja and Selene speak
quietly to themselves while Victoria and I slipped in and out of the rooms
gathering as much as possible.
We left the apartment and hailed a cab. It was a tight squeeze but
we all managed to fit inside. I was squished between Sonja's rubber
raincoat and Victoria's rubber body. The driver took us clear across town,
into a nice neighborhood, and up to a large white manor on a small hill,
surrounded by a wrought-iron fence. Victoria helped me with my bags as
we left the cab, climbed the front steps, and entered the door.
The front room was quite large and I could see instantly why everyone
in the coven would want to live here. The white walls contrasted
beautifully with the wood detail work. The staircase was made of all
inlaid wood and the wood floors seemed to be everywhere.
Down the stairs came a woman dressed in a rubber Maid outfit. I
had never seen anything like it before. Her entire body, except for her
face was encased in pitch black glossy rubber. A black skirt adorned
with a small white apron sat over layers of white rubber petticoats. A
black corset, edged on top by white ruffles, crushed the woman's waist
into an hourglass figure. "Madam Selene, Madam Sonja, Victoria, welcome
"Hello Ana, we have a visitor staying with us. Let me introduce
Tina. Please take her bags to an empty room."
"Greetings Tina, please follow me"
I looked at Victoria not sure what to make of this and she smiled and
waved, being tugged at the neck by Selene. I was a little encouraged by
this and followed Maid Ana up the carpeted stairs into a long hallway.
About two-thirds of the way down the hallway we reached an open door and we
both stepped inside. The room was sparsely decorated with a twin size 4-
post bed on one wall.
Ana closed the door behind me and seemed to breathe a small sign of
relief. "Hi!" she said, suddenly becoming another person. She held out a
rubber hand and shook mine eagerly. "I suppose, your wondering why I'm
dressed like this." she said.
"A little" I said sheepishly.
"I assume that they explained why Victoria is dressed the way she
is?", she asked and I nodded, "It's the same thing really, all the
relatively new coven members, called Maidens, take turns in these roles
until the Crone's are sure we are going to stay and promote us to the
role of 'Mother'"
"How many are in the coven?" I asked.
"Almost fifty, although not all live in the house, Praise the
Goddess." Ana said.
"How long have you been here?"
"Almost a year. Soon I won't need to wear any of these costumes any
more and I'll go through a trial to join the coven as a Mother." She
looked at the clock on the wall and got panicked.
"On my Goddess, it's almost dinnertime! I need to start dinner! The
bathroom is through that door" she gestured to one, "keep it clean, I
don't do bathrooms. Clothes and stuff should be kept in the armoire."
"What about that door?" I said gesturing to the other door in the
"It leads to a closet but it's locked. Coven member only." She
said slyly and with a smile. "I've got to go, next time you see me I'll
be all serious servant-girl again." She straightened up and put on a
stoic face. "If you need me Miss, I shall be preparing dinner for the
Coven. Please join us in the dinning room at 6 precisely." she said
opening the door. She tossed me a wink and a smile before closing the
door behind her and leaving me in the room by myself.
I sat on the bed and heard a 'squeak'! I pulled back the soft top
blanket to reveal white rubber sheets underneath. I smiled and shook my
head. These people had a fetish for sure. I began to unpack, putting
things into the empty armoire.
I heard a knock at the door and yelled "Come in!". Victoria came
through the door, in the same outfit but no longer on the leash.
"I'm so happy your staying here. I don't know if I ever told you,
but I never felt comfortable around Gavin."
"The feeling was mutual." I said with a sigh and sat on the bed with
another 'squeak'.
"I was talking to the Crones and they say you're welcome to stay with
us for as long as you like, but there is a catch."
I looked at her, waiting for her to tell me that I had to join the
coven or I had to have sex with their leader to something equally cultish.
"Because of the nature of our community, the Crone's ask that you
wear rubber while you're here."
I wasn't expecting her to say that. I sat for a second trying to
think of a reason why I shouldn't and ended up saying, "Ok… but I don't
have any rubber. I've never even worn any before."
Victoria smiled and giggled to herself, "That's ok, I'm positive
we can find something. I'll take you to the dressing room and we'll get
you into something more appropriate, but first, do yourself a favor and
take a shower. Make sure you shave everything."
"Well, not your head, but basically from about here down…" she held
her hand level with her neck.
I smiled wondering just what I was getting into, "Okay..."
"You'll have a great time, I promise. I'm going to go find you a
towel to use. Go ahead and get ready"
As soon as she had left the room, I jumped in the shower. The
shower was shiny black porcelain with a black rubber curtain and being
inside was like being in a sensory-deprivation tank. The only light was
indirect and the only sound I could here was the sound of water
dripping. I could see my reflection in the smooth surface. It was just
my body, the hot water, and the blackness of the shower's surface. I
did as instructed and shaved, soaped up and rinsed off.
I pulled back the shower curtain and yelped when I saw Victoria
standing there with an open towel for me. She shouted as well.
"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to scare you!" she said. I felt
embarrassed standing there naked while my lesbian friend wrapped me with a
towel. I felt like this rubber vixen was eating me up with her eyes.
"Oh relax, if you get uncomfortable now, you'll hate it when I have
to help dress you."
I hadn't thought of that, but as soon as my towel was wrapped up
tight, I was led down the hall to a large ornate door and into a room
unlike anything I had ever seen.
The room was totally mirrored. Every surface was clean and polished
and perfectly reflected everything. There were no visible lights, but the
room was very will lit. I looked at a million reflections of me, standing
next to a million rubber coated Victoria's. I looked down at the floor and
realize that I could see her shaven pussy in the reflection in the floor,
and realized she could see mine.
She turned to close the door and I watched it disappear into the
mirrored surface. I would have felt trapped if the room didn't look so
"Ok what do you want to wear?" she said.
"I have no idea," I replied, "Can I have something to pick from?"
"Well, not really, this room is a special space for us. Your
standing in an enchanted room, strictly designed for giving us a window
into our future and ourselves and then allowing us to transform into that
"What?!" I said, totally astounded.
"Watch me in the mirror." Victoria said smiling. She turned away
from me and stared into her reflection. I watched in the mirrored
surface as her reflection changed, slowly morphing from a woman in a
corset, collar and skirt, to a woman in nothing but a collar.
I turned and looked at her in real life and saw that her body really
was naked. She turned to me, totally unashamed, and smiled.
"Wow, that's amazing!" I said, "How did you do that?"
"I'll show you, take off the towel."
I was so excited to try this new magic, I instantly stripped off the
towel. We both stood naked before the mirror and she instructed me.
"First, blink your eyes a few times and stare intently at your
reflection. Now picture yourself in something you wish to wear, try to
envision it in your mind. Then, once your reflection is dressed the way
you wish, say this aloud, "I wish to become this. My will be done.
Seal my Fate Great Goddess."
I watched as she said these words, changing from a naked woman in a
collar to a woman, sealed in a tight black rubber catsuit with feet and
gloves, adorned with a large gold pentacle attached to the front. Her
collar had not changed and sat over the neck of her catsuit.
"How come you haven't changed your collar?"
"I cannot. A feature of this room allows people to change the
reality of others and my reality, as set by my Crone is that I am her
Slave. She sealed this collar to me and I cannot remove it."
"What about the pentacle?"
"This is required of me at any house function like dinners, rituals,
meetings, whatever. As an initiate, this is my uniform. I'm suppose to
wear this most of the time I'm in the house."
"So I could have dressed you and sealed you in something if I knew
how to do it?" I said slightly baffled.
Victoria smiled, "Sure, but lets focus on you first."
I turned and looked at myself in the mirror and did exactly what
she instructed. I envisioned myself in a black rubber T-shirt with a
pair of black pants and I watched my reflection change in the mirror.
"Boring!" said Victoria, "Spice it up a little!"
I concentrated and changed my image to wearing a long sleeve shirt
with a plunging neckline and a pair of bondage pants.
"Cm'om, you can do better." She said pushing me on.
I thought a little more and changed my top to a tank top with thin
little straps and a long flowing skirt.
"Ok, that looks comfy, are you going to accessorize?"
I thought a little more and caused a pair of black shiny bracelets to
appear on my wrists and a short black rubber necklace to appear with a
small gold pentacle on the end.
"I decided to be out of the broom closet tonight" I said to Victoria
before saying the magic words. "I wish to become this. My will be done.
Seal my Fate Great Goddess."
I felt a tightness and warmth around me, like I was being hugged
by the Goddess and sparks appeared in my vision as I felt a power flow
though me. When I could see again I wore the outfit I saw in the
reflection. The rubber started to heat up from my body heat instantly
and Victoria began to clap.
"Awesome, you really are a child of the Goddess, no one but a true
Witch could do that." She said beaming as if finding something precious.
I blushed and took a step, realizing I was still barefoot.
I laughed, "Oops, I forgot shoes!"
Victoria began to laugh too, "Everyone does the first time."
We left the room several minutes later, Victoria wearing ankle boots
and me wearing rubber flip-flops to match my relaxed look.
Down the stairs and into the dining room we went. Victoria left my
side and sat next to Sonja at one end of the table. When Sonja saw me she
called me over, having me sit on her other side.
"I'm so glad to see Victoria was able to teach you about the
Destiny Room." She began, "I'm even more impressed you were able to
master it on your first pass. It proves to me that you fit in here.
Did you have any problem with what Victoria told you about wearing
rubber while you were here?"
"No, Sonja, and I want to thank you again for letting me stay here."
"You are most welcome. After dinner we'll talk more about the future,
right now dinner is almost about to start."
Somewhere in the house a bell sounded and several women finished
trickling into the dining area. All were dressed in rubber in every
color of the rainbow. Some of the outfits were very simple like a shirt
and pants, and some were very elaborate. Several of the women wore
hoods with nothing exposed but their mouths.
After a quick prayer, Maid Ana entered the dining room with a cart and
began setting the food down on the table. Tonight's dinner was pasta and
tomato sauce which I was more than happy to have.
Selene stood up and addressed Maid Ana, "This was not the scheduled
meal for tonight."
Maid Ana stopped and turned to Selene with her head down, "I am sorry
Lady Selene, I fell behind in my duties and felt it best for dinner to be
Selene looked unhappy, "This is the third time this week that you have
been unable to finish your duties on time. You will report to the Crones
later for proper punishment."
Ana curtsied, never looking at Lady Selene, "Yes Lady"
Selene sat and offered a simple prayer before digging in. We all
began to eat and drink. Everyone in the room talked in small groups.
Victoria, Sonja and I struck up an excellent conversation about the
house. I avoided the question of 'punishment' for Ana since I didn't
think that would be pleasant dinner conversation.
When dinner was over Sonja and I ascended the staircase in the
back of the house. Victoria had left us saying she had to get ready for
a ceremony tonight. Sonja smiled and bid her 'Good Luck'. We went up
three flights of stairs and entered a low-lit room with lots of
comfortable chairs and plushy carpet. Sonja offered me a chair and I
sat opposite of her.
Despite the low light, I could finally see what a beautiful woman
Sonja was. Her red hair was soft and shiny and looked really nice with
the tight red long-sleeved blouse she wore with a knee-length glossy
black skirt. She was older, in her fifties, but had hardly any signs of
old age. She was fit, but not very muscular.
"I'm glad you and Victoria are such good friends that you felt
comfortable to stay with us and I'm sorry you had to have such a rough
breakup." Sonja said softly.
"Oh, its ok, its not your fault. Gavin and I had been having trouble
for some time. I'm sorry you had to be on the receiving end of one of his
tantrums." I replied, "I also want to thank you again for letting me stay
and for letting me in on some of your secrets. That room is truly
"Well, your welcome to use it any time while you're here, which
brings me to my next question. How long would you stay? I'm not
kicking you out, but this house is for the women of the Rubber Woman
Coven and its something against protocol that we take on boarders at
"Well, I'm not sure, I don't have a job, my parents don't really
talk to me anymore, and obviously I don't have an apartment. It will
take some time I think." I said worried Sonja would kick me out right
She didn't. Instead, she smiled a soft warm smile and said, "Well, if
you like you can take on a job with us here and we can pay you from Coven
"What would I have to do?" I said.
"Ana, the maid you met earlier, will be punished for not performing
her duties appropriately. We will need a new Maid. Your duties will be to
help out those in the house needing help, you will need to get dinner on
the table every night promptly at 6, and you will need to wear the uniform
and act accordingly."
"What about Ana? Why a 'punishment'?" I said.
"Ana, like Victoria, is a maiden in this coven. She must submit
to the whims of the coven to learn humility and engender trust among us
before becoming a 'Mother' in the coven. Mothers learn about the
coven's power and train to become Crones. The study is long and trying,
and if a Mother or a Maiden make mistakes, they may be punished by
Crones like myself. Selene is doing what she thinks is best for the
Coven. I don't know what Ana's punishment will be, only Selene can
decide that since she instructed her to a Crone meeting, I simply vote
whether I think it is appropriate or not."
"Selene can do this on her own?" I said.
"Oh yes, but if Selene's choice of punishment gets voted down by
the other Crone's, the punishment is inflicted on Selene and nothing
will happen to Ana. Selene can be severe, but she is fair. Ana did
make mistakes and she will be punished for them according to our ways."
Sonja said.
"So, once Ana is punished, I'll take her place as the Maid?"
"It is a position I think you will enjoy, and it will allow you to get
back on your feet. It will also allow you to meet all the various Coven
members in the house."
"I have to warn you, I'm not all that good at housework. I don't want
to be punished like Ana." I said jokingly.
"I think you'll find that the majority of your duties do not
involve housework, but maybe I can help you out anyway and hopefully
prevent you from being punished." She paused as a bell sounded in the
house and I didn't get a chance to ask her if I could be punished. "Ana
and the other Crones will be here shortly for Ana's trial. Please stand
behind my chair and stay silent. If the other Crone's ask you a
question, just answer honestly. Alright?"
"Ok," I said and moved to stand behind Sonja's chair.
No sooner had I done that, several women entered the room, all wearing
a similar outfit to Sonja's, but in every color and with all kinds of
accessories. The Maid Ana entered after and stood in the middle of the
circle of chairs. Lady Selene sat in the largest chair, wearing a white
long sleeved blouse. It was obvious she was in charge here.
"Maiden Ana, you have made several mistakes in your role as
house Maid and it is clear that you need further training." Selene said.
"Do you have anything to say about your activities?"
"Lady Selene, it was never my intention to make any such
mistakes and I tried to correct my actions as soon as possible. I am
truly sorry for my transgressions."
"We can see you are sorry Ana," said Sonja, "but we promote
those who perform their duties to the Coven perfectly. It fosters
trust in those of higher rank. For you to proceed in your training,
you must act accordingly."
"I understand Mistress, I will submit to your wise judgment."
Selene began again, "Then it is in my judgment that you shall
be sentenced to..."
Sonja jumped in, "Lady Selene, I apologize for interrupting you,
but I have a suggestion to make regarding punishment."
"Yes, Lady Sonja?" Selene said.
"My friend Tina needs a job while she gets back on her feet and
I proposed to her we offer her the role of house Maid while Ana
undergoes her punishment..."
Selene interrupted her, "Lady Sonja, with all due respect, I have
reservations about giving an outsider the role of Maid. She will have
full access to the house and be responsible for many tasks she does not
know about."
"Please Selene," Sonja said smiling, "let me finish. Tina will
be assisted by Ana as part of Ana's punishment."
Selene paused and thought for a few moments before starting again,
"I still have reservations about this idea. Tina would have additional
restriction on her behavior than Ana would have." Selene looked at me
and I was instantly struck by her personal force which radiated from her
being. She was the leader here and she was making sure I knew it.
"Tina, if you become the house Maid you will be enchanted to obey
others in the house and you will be unable to leave. You will be sealed
into your uniform at all times. I can gurantee no harm will come to
you, but that does not mean you will not feel pain and that your duties
will always be pleasant. You will be required to perform as Maid for
three days after which you will be paid 500 dollars. Do you understand
and accept the terms of this offer?"
I was shocked she would offer me that much money. "Yes Lady
Selene, I understand and accept." For the first time, I saw Selene
"Very well then, does anyone object to the decision to make Tina
a Maid and Ana her assistant?" Selene paused while the other Crone's
shook their heads 'No'.
"Maid Ana and Maid Tina, report to the Destiny Room. I will be
along shortly to prepare you both."
We left the room and descended the staircase. Ana and I didn't speak
at all and I wondered if she was mad at me for taking her job. We went
right into the Destiny Room and sealed the door behind us. We both stood
awkwardly avoiding eye contact before I tried to break the silence.
"I didn't mean to take your job Ana. Sonja suggested it to me and
made it sound like you would be punished regardless of my choice. I simply
wanted to get back on my feet."
Ana began to cry and I was worried that I hurt her feelings before
she blurted out, "Actually, I want to thank you."
"Why?" I said, "I haven't done anything."
"Yes you have. I like being the Maid and you've allowed me to stay
one for a while longer. You'll even keep me company." She came over and
hugged me. Her encased rubber body squeaked against my clothing.
"I'm a little excited actually," I admitted, "I've never worn
rubber before today and I think its wonderful. I can't wait to see what
I look like in your uniform."
"This suit is more than wonderful, take a good look." Ana said
doing a little spin for me. The suit she wore had no seams or creases
anywhere. The high-heels, the gloves, and the corset were totally
integrated into the second skin. The skirt flowed right from her hips
and was topped by layers and layers of white rubber petticoat which also
seamlessly flowed from her suit. Every inch of her was glossy and made
her look incredibly sexy.
"This suit is special too." She said as she flipped up her skirt.
Right where her pussy would be was a gaping hole in the shape of an 'O'.
She turned around and bent over and in the center of her ass was another
perfectly round 'O'.
"Oh my Goddess!" I said in shock. I was not ready for that and I
felt a knot appear in the pit of my stomach at the realization that I
agreed to wear that freaky uniform.
"Don't worry, you'll love it. It's very important to performing
your duties and having your pussy and ass open like this don't hurt at
all." She said still bent over, "Touch it." I never would have before
but for some reason I reached out and touched the edge of her asshole
and she moaned in pleasure instantly. We heard the door opening and I
pulled my hand back quickly and Ana stood up.
Selene entered the room, clicking as she walked in high-heels to
our position. Her outfit turned from the long sleeve blouse and black
skirt to a long flowing dress with a tight corset top and a high neck.
Her hair changed from a tight bun to a long mane of flowing blonde hair
which cascaded down her back.
"Tina, please undress using the room's power." Selene said before
looking directly at Ana. Ana gasped and gave a little cry as her rubber
uniform disappeared and the cold air hit her warm body. Black hair
spilled from her head and down her back and she crossed her arms in
front of her an began to shiver.
Looking at the raven-haired naked Ana caused me to take a little
longer to focus and repeat the words Victoria had taught me before I
stood naked again. I felt mildly uncomfortable about being naked before
these strangers and no longer was worried about the uniform. In fact, I
hoped to put it on soon and cover myself up.
Lady Selene reached in her sleeve and pulled out a long black wand
tipped with a crystal at the end. "Tina, this is your last chance. Do you
wish to become our Maid?"
"Yes, Lady Selene" I replied and bowed my head a little.
Selene raised my chin with her black gloves and touched my forehead
between my eyes with the tip of her wand. It was then my skin began to
tingle and I watch in the mirror as sparks entered my vision and I felt a
strong tightness embrace me. I felt my hair sweep back out of my face and
pressure all over my head. I felt my waist get compressed almost painfully
and I felt my pussy and asshole stretch as something invaded my holes. I
felt myself go up on my toes. When my vision cleared, I was a Maid.
I felt wonderful being encased in the rubber and I realized quickly
why Ana liked it so much. I felt different inside as well. The woman
known as 'Tina' had disappeared under the rubber and only my face reminded
me of who I was. I didn't feel like 'Tina'. I felt submissive, eager to
perform my duties, and slightly horny. I knew a spell had been cast on
me to feel this way, but I didn't care.
Selene looked at me and I felt the spot where she had touched me with
her wand begin to get tingly. I heard her say in my mind, "Your name is
Tanya and you are a Maid." I felt my lips move and my voice mindlessly
repeat the sentence.
"My name is Tanya and I am a Maid." I knew that it was so.
Selene smiled and turned to Ana. "Well Ashley, are you ready?"
I was confused. Selene turned to me and said, "Just as you became
'Tanya', young Ashley here became 'Ana'.
Ana, or Ashley, nodded her head, still shivering in the cold of the
Lady Selene touched Ashley's forehead using the wand just as she
touched mine. Ashley moaned and a small white pearl appeared on her
forehead. In the mirror I could she her body become encased in rubber
once again, quickly building from a black catsuit, to one with a skirt,
to tall high heels. The black of the catsuit began to flow up her neck
and over her head just like my mask.
Then something unexpected happened. The color drained from her
face and her pupils disappeared from her eyes leaving empty white pools.
Her mouth fell slack and I thought, for a moment, she was dead. Selene
didn't look worried in the least. The pearl on Ana's forehead seemed to
glow brighter now.
I looked away from the mirror and straight at Maid Ana once more.
She was dressed as a Maid like myself but her face was just a pale mask
of death. I didn't understand what was happening.
Lady Selene held up a black mask which seemed to appear in her
hand. It was perfectly round like the shape of the hood's face opening
and on it was sculpted a pair of bright blue eyes and red lips opened in
an 'O' shape. Behind the lips was a long black tube which Lady Selene
slid into Ana's open mouth before pressing the mask into place.
Lady Selene touched her wand to the forehead of the mask and
began to call out,

"A Doll you are, now and for three days.
Soul, Mind, and Body encased, now and for three days.
A Maid you are, now and for three days.
A mindless being, now and for three days."

The seam between the mask and the hood disappeared and something told
me Ana was now nothing more than an obedient Doll.
Lady Selene turned to face me. "It will obey your orders and show you
how to perform your duties. Take pleasure in her in every way you can."
"Yes Mistress," I said. I didn't mean to call her that, it just
slipped out. It felt right somehow.
Lady Selene smiled, "Come with me to my room, I will need your help.
Doll Ana, please follow."
I followed the Lady Selene from the room and up two flights of
stairs to the top floor. The Dolly Ana followed in close pursuit with
an almost mechanical motion. It was as if she was tied to magical
strings and was being moved around like a puppet.
Each door up on this floor was unique and Lady Selene opened one
and stepped inside. The room was heavily decorated in a gothic style.
A large four—post bed dominated the room and a pair of heavy wood
armoires stood to one side. Lady Selene spun around and looked at the two
of us. Ana and I were relatively the same height and build, and, with
our uniforms compressing and shaping our bodies, I'm sure we looked
nearly identical. I think this pleased her because soon she was smiling
"Tanya, undress me."
I stepped forward as Selene spun around. Her gown was laced
from the back of her neck to the base of her spine. It took several
minutes to untie the tight lacing using my gloved hands. The dress
peeled away from her body and she shivered as the cold air hit her. She
ordered me to pick up the room and put things away while Dolly Ana
helped her in the shower.
I opened one of the armories and found a row of rubber clothes
every color of the rainbow. I removed a satin hanger from the rack and
hung up the dress, making sure it hung straight in the cabinet. I
looked around the room taking in my task ahead of me.
The room was clean, but Lady Selene had left piles all over. A
sitting chair in one corner held a pile of rubber clothes that I began
to pick up and put away. Dresses and tops, hot pants and boots all
seemed to have their own little place in the large armoire. Her desk was
scattered with various pieces of jewelry which I collected in one hand
and moved to a small jewelry box. I slipped all the various pieces
into their place and noticed that next to the box lay a single pearl.
I picked it up and looked at it. It was the same size and shape
as the one which was seated in Ana's forehead. It had a beautiful shine
to it and an interesting pattern. I looked closer and saw in the sheen
on the pearl was a picture of a woman's face, Ana's face, with her eyes
closed and a serene smile.
"I see you've discovered how the magic that binds Ana works."
Selene said from behind me. I turned and saw Lady Selene standing naked
in the doorway to the bathroom. The Doll stood behind her, dripping
with water from being in the shower with Selene.
"Ana's soul is sealed into two gemstones. One part is sealed
under her mask and the other part is in that stone in your hand. The
stone under her mask allows her to see and hear everything going on, but
leaves her helpless to do anything. The mask seals the stone in place
so she cannot escape and turns her into a Rubberdoll completely. She is
nothing but an object for the next three days. The mask will then
unseal from her face and the pearl will crack, freeing her soul and
returning her to normal."
"What about this pearl?" I asked.
"That piece generally stays with me since through it I can
completely control her body, soul, and mind. If I so wish I could alter
her reality in such a way as to never allow her to escape from this
prison or to make her a new person."
"It sounds awful Lady Selene." I said.
"To be truthful, being a Doll can be very calm and freeing. Open
the bottom shelf of my jewelry box and put the gem inside. I don't wish
to lose that."
I opened the bottom shelf and inside was several small gems like
the pearl on the left side. On the right side was a large collar, made
out of silver and gold with lots of fine engraving. There was no
external latch, but there was a tongue and groove where the two ends
Lady Selene walked over and put her hand on my rubber shoulder.
"This was my Maiden collar, like the one Victoria wears. Its a symbol
of the bonds we make to each other."
"Victoria's is made of rubber." I said.
I felt a sharp spank on my rubber bottom that made be realize I
spoke out of turn, "Maid, do not contradict me. Her collar is coated in
rubber and when she has reach the level of 'Mother' the rubber will melt
away and allow her to remove the collar. Each Crone has their own
collar and they use the collar to claim a new Maiden to train. Ana was
trained by Lady Eleanor and will soon be collared as well. Maybe if you
so desire, you can join us and I can collar you one day."
I felt a single drop of wetness roll out of my pussy and down my
leg when she said that and I realized I was getting very horny. I could
feel Lady Selene's hot breath on the side of my hooded head. I did not
want what she offered me, but for a moment, I was tempted. For a moment
I wished this strong woman would control me.
"Help me dress." she ordered in a whisper. It broke the silence
in the room and snapped me back into reality.
I was ordered to fetch a pink rubber catsuit from the open
armoire and when I returned I was handed a black bottle and told to apply
its contents to Lady Selene's body. I squirted its jelly-like contents
into my rubber hands and began to rub her all over. Lady Selene's body
was totally hairless and very firm. I was used to seeing naked women by
now but paused when I was told to lube up her pussy. I slowly and
carefully slid my fingers around her lips and in response she moaned in
pleasure. I moved on, even coating the tops of her feet.
"Kiss them" Selene ordered softly.
I bent down and kissed her feet softly, feeling the slippery goo
on my lips. I sat back up and Lady Selene was smiling at me. She told
me to stand and hold the suit open for her. The catsuit was heavy and
had many D-rings which hung from the outfit. The tits of the outfit
were filled with water. Lady Selene slid each leg into place easily
with the aid of the lube and pushed the internal dildo in the crotch
effortlessly into her pussy. In slid each of her arms and, after she
adjusted the tits of the outfit, I was told to zip up the back. The
bondage rings ran down her arms and leg, rings hung from each tit, a
line of them ran down her back, and one hung from the neck.
Lady Selene walked to the other armoire and waved her hand in front
of it. The door opened and its contents turned out to be a bastion of
sexual and religious items. Selene took out a large black dildo with a
flat base and pressed it to her crotch where it stuck fast. She pulled out
a pair of heavy combat boots which she slid her feet into and zipped up.
She pulled out a hood with no eyes, nose or mouth holes with a large
pentacle on the face. She also pulled out a pair of mittens. Each
mitt was topped with a large black dildo.
"Tonight I will take the role of the God figure for our ceremony.
You will need to help me put on these gloves and hood me. Once I'm
hooded, I will be unable to talk and I will act differently. You will
follow me to the ceremony room and watch the ceremony there. Do you
"Yes Mistress." I said again. I felt horny once more.
I began to pull on each glove and as I did, a white milky
substance began to drip from the tip of her cock in her crotch. "Dolly,
suck my cock" Selene said and the Dolly teetered over, knelt, and rammed
its open mouth down on the dildo and began to suck. I got both gloves
on, but I was distracted by the vision of a Dolly sucking on a huge
cock. I was so horny and that cock looked so delicious.
Lady Selene noticed me staring. "Would you like to switch
positions? Dolly, stand and hood me and Tanya, you can suck my cock. I
forgot you were a hetero slut and I know that uniform is making you
I forgot to acknowledge her kindness as I knelt in the place of
Dolly and wrapped my lips around the cock. The cum was delicious and
seemed never-ending. I went from sucking to slurping as the flow seemed
to increase. I looked up as Dolly pulled the hood into place,
transforming my pink rubber Mistress into some twisted half-man,
half-woman pagan sexual being.
The creature retracted the cock from my mouth and replaced it with
one on the mitten. I felt compelled to suck and follow the cock as the
rubber creature lifted up its hand, bringing me to my feet, and then
lowered its hand, forcing me to bend over. I didn't realize what a
vulnerable position I was in until I felt the dildo from the other hand
lift my skirt and fill my open asshole. I had never been penetrated
anally before but I quickly found that with my asshole propped open, and
with the rubber lining, it was very pleasurable.
Just as the climax was beginning to build inside me, the creature
pulled out the dildo's and I was pushed to the ground hard. I began to
cry from the sudden shock of having all that pleasure being taken away
and I had a memory of Gavin flash through my mind. The pink creature
strolled out of the room, and as ordered I got to my feet and followed
it. I hated the way Selene had tossed be aside like that and I wondered
if it was the suit directing her actions. She had said she would be the
God figure and I wondered if all men were like that. All the women here
seemed really nice by comparison. Even Selene punishing Ana seemed
nicer than Gavin had been.
The creature led me to the basement and I entered a large room
with a round fireplace set in the center. About 30 women sat in a
circle and all wore rubber outfits decorated with large gold pentacles.
Several black catsuited women with large pentacles on their chests
danced around the fire to music which came from a woman dressed all in
white. One of the women was Victoria.
I stood in the doorway as Mistress Selene descended the staircase
and entered the circle. She danced with the black rubber dancers and
attacked them in pantomime. They soon had Selene pinned to the floor by
those bondage rings on her body and it was then the music stopped and
the woman in white stood up. With a curved knife she cut each dildo
from Selene, each slice causing a scream inside her hood.
"With our magic we can defeat the God in all and let our Goddess
shine through. She needs no man and can blossom in anyone." The woman in
white proclaimed.
Several women around the circle hooted and hollered, some offered
words of prayer. In a flash, the rings disappeared from Selene's body
and she stood up. The phalluses and rings which made her a freak before
were entirely gone and now stood a rubber woman in full power. She
instantly was in control and the other black dancers worshipped her
feet, just as I had worshiped at her feet earlier. It had felt good and
I realized I felt the same as these other women here. Inside my rubber
skin I felt a tingle and realized that it was more than Fate that had
brought me here. I had been destined to come here.
As I returned to my room that evening with Dolly Ana in tow, I
wondered if I felt comfortable here in the manor. We entered the room
and I sat back on the bed, listening to the squeak of the sheets on my
rubber butt. I looked at my armoire which was open, and saw the piles of
clothes and stuff from my old life. I looked down at myself and saw a
totally different woman. 'Tina' had been plain and boring and had been
dumped by her boyfriend. In the last 8 hours, 'Tanya' had worn lots of
rubber, become a fetish Maid, serviced a lesbian's strap-on, been fucked
in the ass, offered to become a lesbian slave, and met lots of wonderful
I looked at the Dolly in front of me and wondered about one last
"Kneel in front of me Dolly and eat my cunt." I said surprised I
said the 'C' word. 'Tina' hated that word.
The Doll, unblinking, instantly knelt and lifted my skirt. I
watched its head disappear underneath and it began to press its
mouth to my pussy, but with the tube propping the mouth open, it did very
little to turn me on. I sighed and pushed its head away from me. I had
to experiment to see if I was turned on my women. After all, this was a
coven of fetish lesbians. If I was going to stay, I needed to be
comfortable with that lifestyle. Lady Selene had said in the coffee
shop that all members 'live the lifestyle'.
I instructed the Doll to sit on the bed and I moved to the
floor. Now with roles reversed, I lifted the Doll's skirt and began to
lick its pussy hole. It was dripping with vaginal fluid and I found it
tasted sweet. As I ate the Doll out, I began to feel wet and I worked
my own pussy with my rubber fingers. My rubber hole muted the
stimulation and no matter what I seemed to do, I couldn't do anything
but get myself mildly turned on.
I was getting frustrated. I removed my head from under the
Doll's skirt and looked at her. "How can I see what lesbian sex is
like?" I asked her in frustration.
The Doll stood up and approached the locked closet door. With a
wave of its hand the door opened and I could see inside. It was a
similar setup to Lady Selene's locked armoire. Inside hung many ritual
items as well as sexual toys. The Dolly removed a long black floppy
rubber mass from the bottom and resealed the door.
The Doll stood close to me and slid one end into her pussy, she
then bent the end and slid the other end effortlessly into hole. It was
a double dildo. I moaned as the dildo pressed a sensitive spot deep in
my pussy and wrapped my arms around the doll, kissing its face and neck.
We fell onto the bed and I began to fuck the doll and myself with every
thrust. I played with its rubber tits and rolled on top. I realized I
had never been on top before.
I came. I climaxed in only a few minutes having been horny the
majority of the day. I collapsed on the Doll and looked into its vacant
eyes and kissed its forehead.
I rolled off, pulled the dildo out with a wet 'POP' and drifted
off to sleep wondering if having sex with a female sex doll even
counted. The last thing I remember before passing out was thinking that
if 'Tina' had been plain hetero girl, 'Tanya' was a rubber-loving
bisexual and I wondered if I could ever be, or ever wanted to be, 'Tina'


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