Friday, November 26, 2010

portrait of me in second life

photographed by an very old (relative to Sl time anyway, not actual biological age) friend in world Kim Dench.

now everything i'm wearing in the photo (even if not visible) i do own and wear in real life. the brown poofy sleeved blouse is more of deep chocolate colored latex, i have a very long pencil skirt as well, heels and light pink libidex leggings are underneath and not visible in the photo. now if there's any SL designers reading this as i am desperate to reproduce my entire collection in world and especially the hard to find latex blouse which i have several of in different styles and thicknesses.

i'll trade modeling time against these custom items which of course you can sell in the shop too once they're made.

actually i found it was much faster to design something myself and have a latex co in the far east to make it up for me than to wait for someone in world. weird.

i have done a bit of research at Second Life Fetish Fashion Guide and its mainly geared to skin tight latex and skins. though my shoes and boots were very easy to find and i even had my scooped heel shoes made in world already by the lovely Mechatoy Mekanic who is the designer behind Mech Toy Doly Store.

so do contact me and i'll see about getting some digital photo's done so you have a design reference to work too.

oh and i believe Kim Dench does commissioned photo's too so do contact her if you would be shot in her studio. say i sent you too and you read my blog that way she gets to meet all the in world readers even if only sometimes do.



Flic said...

A very lovely picture, you make it look stunning, might have to get some pics done of myself

tvJamie said...

wow that is a great picture, I love Sl :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous picture!