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there is a part 2 and i'm allowed to share

and no there is no part three as yet. i've heard back from the author and he's never continued it.

maybe one of you can? or as a desperate offer i could outline how it could possibly go if someone else will fill it in.


Maid Tina pt 2

My sleep that night was restless. I tossed and turned all night and kept waking up, each time forgetting where I was and what I was wearing. One time I woke up very confused wondering why Gavin was wearing rubber, until I realized I was cuddled with the Doll. I had a dream only once and in it I was in Lady Selene's room again looking at my own face in a pearl. I looked into the mirror and I was looking at the Doll's face. I woke up from that dream to find that my pussy had been dripping and had lubed up the bedsheets. The dream of becoming a Dolly was so real that I was left breathing hard and shaking.
I got up and went into the bathroom to try to relax and pee but found I didn't have to use the toilet. In fact, I didn't feel like I had to do anything. I thought about jumping into the shower, but my rubber skin was still as glossy as the moment I put it on. "This is great. This suit saves me lots of time in the morning getting ready." I said aloud to the Doll, not knowing if it even cared.
"So what do Maids like us do first thing in the morning?" I said to the Doll. The dolly headed for the door and left the room. I followed closely behind, down the set of front stairs until we both stood at the door, presumably to greet people coming and going. We didn't stand there long before three of the Crones came down the stairs. Two wore regular business attire land one wore a running outfit. I had only been here a day and found it odd when a woman wore no rubber at all.
Upon seeing me, the one in the running outfit walked right over and introduced herself. Her name was Sandra and her dusty blonde hair was in a simple ponytail. She apologized for having to go for a run and not staying to chat. She caressed Dolly Ana on the cheek with an apologetic smile and then ran out the door.
The other two Crones were old, probably in their 80's. One was named Patricia and one was named Margret.
"It's so wonderful to meet a new face." said Patricia.
"And such a pretty one as well!" said Margret, pinching my cheek.
"That uniform must be very hot on a day like today!" said Patricia.
"No Ma'am, actually I find it quite comfortable." I replied.
"That Selene, always with the spells." said Margaret rolling her eyes.
"My dear Margaret, that outfit gets very uncomfortable without a little magic." said Patricia.
Margret laughed, "That's true! I wore that same outfit back in June of '34, and it wasn't until October that I came up with a spell to make that corset more comfortable."
I smiled and said, "What about the plugs?"
Margaret's look turned serious and she shook her head, "That's the lesbians having fun."
I looked at her, "You two are not lesbians?"
Patricia and Margret giggled and took my gloved hands. "Oh no," Patricia said, "We didn't get our first lesbian in the coven until 1967. That's when Sonja joined us."
"Teenagers!" said Margret smiling.
"They've been wonderful though. They are all really great women. I'm sure if you're here that you are wonderful too."
I smiled, "Thank you, that's very sweet, where are you two ladies off to today?"
"Work!" said Patricia.
"You still work?" I replied.
"Of course we still work! Need to keep the mind sharp!" said Margret with a smile, "Have a good day!"
"You too!" I replied.
As they passed by Ana they looked up and Patricia said, "Ana... you are such a Doll!" They cackled with delight as they closed the door behind them.
Sonja and Selene came down the steps next speaking swiftly and quietly. Sonja wasn't smiling at first but as soon as she saw me she brightened right up.
"Good morning child, how are you?"
"I'm well Lady Sonja," I said with my best polite voice. "I just met Lady Patricia and Lady Margret."
Sonja smiled, "We know, we could hear them from the third floor. Where did they say they were headed?"
"Work, Madam." I replied.
She giggled to herself, "Don't let them fool you. They haven't worked in years. They go feed the pigeons in the park down the street and chit-chat all day. Selene and I are the ones really going to work."
"What shall I do while you are away?" I asked.
"Go to each room and wave your hand in front in a clockwise motion. If someone is inside it will unlock the door and you can ask them if they need anything. If no one is inside, or the person inside does not want to be disturbed, they will have locked the door."
"I shall do that Lady Sonja." I replied.
"Tanya, do you know if you are telepathic?" Selene asked abruptly.
"No Mistress, why do you ask?" I replied.
Sonja looked at Selene with an odd expression, "Mistress already?"
Selene smiled a wry smile and looked back at me. "I felt you in Ana's dreams last night. You dreamt of being a doll. It made you horny and excited."
I lowered my head, uncomfortable with being confronted like this. "Yes, Lady Selene, I did have that dream."
"You will meet me in the Destiny Room at 5pm tonight when I return from work. I wish to talk to you more about this."
"Yes Mistress." I replied obediently.
The two left and as the front door closed behind them I heard Sonja chastise Selene. All I could hear was, "I can't believe you would..."
I decided to follow Sonja's instructions. I told Dolly to wait by the door and began to climb the stairs and hunt people down. I started on the left side of the hallway and went to three doors before I found one unlocked. I stepped inside and found a room, similar to mine, except it was totally empty. I checked the bathroom and the bed and found no one.
Then something slapped me on the ass.
I gave a little yelp and turned to find no one. "Who's there?" I said aloud.
I felt another spanking.
I turned again but found no one. I backed up against the wall and said again, "Who's there?"
I felt two hands grab my breasts and I instinctively reached out to see what was there. My hands came to rest on two invisible rubber arms.
"Gotcha!" I said.
"Yes you did." said a deep feminine voice as a black woman materialized in front of me. She wore a purple catsuit with a silver pentacle on her chest and a black rubber collar with a large silver ring in the front. She did not look happy with me.
I released her and she did likewise. "I was ordered by Sonja to check with the other coveners to make sure their needs were met."
"Well, I'm all set for now. My name is Alisha. You must be Tina."
"Lady Selene gave me another name to use. Please call me Tanya."
"Ok 'Tanya'," she said using air quotes. "Are you a glutton for punishment? You were thrown into a Maid's uniform the first day here."
"I needed a job and Lady Sonja suggested this one. It's been fun so far." I said.
Alisha looked bemused. "Well then I suggest you don't go next door. My neighbor's name is Lilith and she's not happy right now. Ana and Lilith are lovers and she didn't like the fact that you and her spent the night together last night."
My stomach knotted, "Ohhh, I didn't know she was with someone." I felt a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. "I was just fooling around."
"Wait, what did you do that night? Alisha asked. "You and Ana got it on last night? I thought I heard you didn't like girls?"
I lowered my head a little. "I don't know what came over me, but I decided I wanted to try lesbian sex. I didn't know what I was doing. I tried to have Ana eat me out, and I tried to eat her out, and we finally used dildos..."
Alisha said nothing, but walked to her locked closet. When she returned she carried a huge solid black dildo. It was at least 8 inches long and looked to be about 3 inches across and had fake veins in it which criss-crossed the surface. She pressed it to the crotch of her catsuit where it stuck fast.
Alisha smiled deviously and looked at me. "Lay down on my bed with your legs in the air. I'll make you a lesbian. You can be my virgin bitch!" she said with conviction.
I took a step backward to run, but she pointed to the bed and suddenly I felt like I had to obey. My body moved to the bed and lay down on my back. Lady Selene's spell was forcing me to obey and soon I found myself holding my rubberized legs wide up in the air with my hands, leaving my open pussy at the mercy of this woman.
"What do you white girls say? 'Once you go black you don't ever go back?'" she said as she used both hands to set the tip of the dildo on the end of my pussy. She leaned over me and with a slow single thrust she had pressed the entire length of the dildo into me! I felt like I was stuck on a flagpole and wouldn't be able to bend at the waist.
As the dildo had slid in I felt it stretch my hole to a size far bigger than I had ever had before. I should have been in total pain, but something was preventing it. I wondered if my rubber pussy was entirely rubber and could stretch beyond its usual size. I moaned with the floppy soft dick filling me.
The wetness of my rubber pussy barely allowed the dildo to go in, but now as Alisha began to pump me I could feel the juices begin to flow. Soon my pussy was slick from the cock was slamming me like a piston, and both Alisha and I were rapidly climbing to orgasm. Just as a thought I was about to cum, Alisha suddenly stopped and pulled out.
"Alisha, what are you doing?" I said panting.
"Making you taste what it's like being a lesbian." she said and I felt her hand go under my skirt and into my pussy. Soon, I was being fisted for the first time.
"Nothing like a good fisting between friends" Alisha said. It felt like she had her whole arm inside me and soon I was cumming. I grabbed the bedsheets and bent backwards screaming hard the whole time. When I was able to calm myself, Alisha pulled out her hand which was covered in sticky lube from my pussy and stuck a finger into my mouth. I was sweet.
"If you like that, you like chicks." she said smiling. She bent over and kissed me firmly and gently on the lip then wiped her hand down the front of my chest, smearing it with my juices.
She stood up and headed to the bathroom. She grabbed a towel and was wiping herself off before saying, "Go visit Lilith now. If you liked what I gave you, maybe you'll like what she's going to do to you."
I stood up. I could still feel my pussy dripping down my legs and onto the floor. In a daze I left the room and stood in the hallway for a second.
Was that it? Did that make me a lesbian? I didn't know. I took a step towards the next room and realized that I was being compelled to obey again. I was going to find out if I liked what Lilith was planning whether I liked it or not.
I waved my hand in front of the door and it opened violently. Against the far wall of the room, in a single chair facing the door, sat Lilith. She was dressed in a long red dress which went from her neck to her feet. She wore a black catsuit underneath which I could see through the cutouts in the dress at her cleavich, her hands, and her feet. She wore metal cuffs on her fingers which made her look like she had metal claws. Her hair was done up in a bouffant kind of way, with red streaks throughout.
She looked me over like she was going to eat me and I felt very nervous. I was being sized up and it was clear she already didn't like me. She pointed at the streams of cum running down my legs with a long metal-sheathed finger.
"Fucking slut cunt." was all she said. "Step in and close the door."
I stepped inside the room and closed the door behind me. She beckoned me into the middle of the room and I stood there while she circled me. I felt her drag a clawed finger along my rubber skin. It was painful and pleasurable at the same time.
"I know all about this uniform, Cunt." she sneered at me. "My lover loves this outfit… I'm going to make you hate it. Stand there and do not make a sound."
I stood eyes forward, arms at my sides while Lilith picked up a mask from off the bed. It was black with blue eyes and a red open mouth, a duplicate of the one Ana wore, and I knew what was going to happen next.
She forced my lips apart and the tube slid into my mouth. I felt my lips seat themselves into the lips of the mask as the rest of it was pressed to my face. The rubber tube inside my mouth inflated, forcing my mouth to remain open and gagging me at the same time. My vision was tinted blue through the eyes of the mask.
Lilith pulled out a long wooden wand and touched the forehead of my mask. With a sudden 'whoosh' of air, I felt the mask seal to the hood of my outfit. A bolt of light shot from the wand and disoriented me for a moment.
"Turn and face the mirror." Lilith said.
I felt my body move with a jerky motion and the mirror entered my limited vision. I saw that I was now a Dolly Maid. I heard the bathroom door open and light footsteps as Dolly Ana entered my vision. We were identical.
"You are now Dolly Tanya." Lilith said with a smug satisfaction on her face. "Follow me Dolls."
I was led down the hallway and down the stairs into the basement. I felt like I was moving like a robot. We reached the ceremony hall where I had watched Lady Selene and the dancers perform. Now I was led through that room, to a metal door in the back. Lilith waved her hand and the door sprung open. We stepped inside the dark room and closed the door.
The room was pitch black, but soon the room got brighter as some low lighting got brighter. I stood in the middle of an S&M dungeon. The walls were rock, the irons hung from the walls and bondage furniture sat on the floor. The walls were covered with whips, chains, cuffs, collars, and all manner of devices which cause pleasure and pain.
I was let to a chair that one would see in a gynecologist's office but obviously rigged for bondage. On it was several dozen loops and hooks and several straps hung down. I was instructed to sit and put my feet in the stirrups. Dolly Ana cuffed my arms and locked them to the arms of the chair while Lilith did the same to my feet. A strap went around my neck and was locked to the chair, and another strap went across my forehead.
I could only look straight up now and was totally helpless. A mirror on the ceiling showed a helpless dolly, pussy and ass exposed, strapped to the chair, awaiting whatever her captors wanted to do to her. I watched in the mirror as Lilith began to move some carts with heavy equipment.
A spiny object was held up by Lilith in my vision. It looked like a sea urchin, but long and cylindrical like a dildo. Lilith brushed the spines against my masked face and I could feel minor pain, like the scratch of a nail, and pleasure, like that same nail was scratching my nipple.
"The Maid outfit you wear is enchanted to make it more comfortable to wear and to make you invulnerable. Without the spell you would be unable to move with those plugs inside you and you would find it hard to breathe with the corset. Not to mention your hearing would be muted with that hood and you would have no true sense of touch." She ran the spiny thing down my arm.
"Lady Selene's version of the spell makes any little pain give a little pleasure, and the more pain that occurs to you, the more pleasure you get. Of course, this is only a good thing if you cannot be hurt. Your whole body is an erogenous zone, and your real erogenous zones… well… they are excessively sensitive."
I felt her drag the pointed device down my rubber body sending a stream of pain and pleasurable tingles into my brain. When she reached my pussy hole she jammed it inside in a single quick motion. I screamed into my gag and nearly came at the same time. The walls of my rubber hole pressed hard against the dildo and each point radiated pleasurable tingles and pulses
She held up another one and said, "Guess where this one goes?" My eyes grew wide inside the mask but Doll in the mirror was still expressionless. With another scream I felt another pointy object fill my ass.
I watched in the mirror as two metal poles were attached to the bases of the torture devices in me. I hear a click somewhere in the room and the two devices began to spin slowly. I was awash in pain, and at the same time, I was in total ecstasy. The slow spinning would have been flailing me alive if the rubber wasn't protecting me. I started screaming in pain into my gag and within minutes I was totally out of my mind in pleasure. In a single minute, I couldn't think straight anymore.
I heard "Let's go Ana" and the door close. I watched in the mirror as a rubber sex Doll, dressed as a Maid, was bound and tortured.

I heard a voice.
"She's in here!"
A face I knew with long red hair entered my vision.
"By the Goddess! Girls, get her to the Destiny Room."
The feelings in my crotch stopped, and then I felt them pull something out of me. My vision was filled with sparks and my body went limp.
I was stood up by two women. Both wore black and one looked familiar. She had dark hair and was crying. The two took me by each arm over their shoulders and dragged me from the room. I wanted to stand on my own, but my body refused to move. Time seem to stand still as we climbed several flights of stairs and enter a large mirrored room.
There were several people already there. A Maid Doll stood off to one side and beside her was a woman, wearing nothing but a rubber straightjacket, kneeling on the floor. Next to her was a black woman who was restrained the same way. The two of them were looking at another woman standing in front of them with her arms crossed.
I was set down on the floor and I felt sparks enter my vision. I felt the cold floor, as rush of cold air, and the tight feeling around my body disappear. I gasped in shock and rolled over and started coughing now that my mouth was free of the gag tube.
My mind started working again and I looked up at Selene. I tried to speak but couldn't. I could barely turn my head. My body was limp and my pussy and ass were sore. I felt like my skin was missing.
Selene spoke, "When you didn't show up here at 5, I knew something was wrong. You were enchanted and could not disobey a direct order unless prevented somehow. I went looking for Ana and when I found her with Lilith I guessed what had happened. While the others looked for you I got the story out of Lilith and Alisha. They will be punished for what they've done once we know you'll be ok."
My mind was foggy and I didn't understand. I couldn't think. All sensation was gone.
Sonja stood over me, "Take her to her room, tuck her in and let her sleep. Victoria, you stay with her tonight and lock the door."
"Yes Ma'am. Cm'om Tina."
I was dragged to my feet at once by Victoria and another girl and brought down the hall to my room. I was sat down on the bed and Victoria kissed the other girl goodnight before closing the door behind her and magically locking it with a wave of her hand.
Victoria swung my legs under the rubber covers and climbed into bed next to me. I felt safe and warm next to her rubber body. She buried my head into her breasts, pressing it into the pentacle and whispered to me...
"It's all right now my love. Sleep deep and tomorrow you'll feel better..."

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