Thursday, November 04, 2010

was it the beer or the latex?

loved the antenna's on the alien women. though they weren't really pushing the boundaries of fetish fashion with plain black latex. would of preferred more of the 50's scifi Jetson's style.

which reminds me of this other find on ebay from Slick Dot Latex. has anyone heard or have ordered from them before? they're Chinese and i've not had a massive amount of success with their latex due to irritation from residual chemicals in them. however if you look at their website they have considerable color options so they maybe getting Raddical Rubber Latex or some other make?

now she's definitely more of modern and yet retro space chick. just add the antennas ;-)



Doktor Gummi said...

definitely certainly NOT getting Radical. What they are doing is stealing everybody else's pictures and making poor copies out of sheet not rated for contact with humans. Treat with extreme care.

Ivan said...

Perhaps I'm "reading" too much into it, but the alien space girls' outfits look to me like fetishized versions of the aliens' uniforms from Godzilla vs. Monster Zero:

Yeah, I'm a nerd.

Anonymous said...

Slickdot are a Chinese company that use other people's designs but use very poor quality materials. The one person on Fetlife that tried them got something that was the wrong colour compared to the original it copied, stank of chemicals and was horrible to wear. On a plus note that means that somewhere the original company they ripped the design from is around somewhere...