Sunday, January 02, 2011

cross fertilizing ideas

i have mentioned in the past my posts about looking wider a field to see who else was dealing with transformations into dolls and found the lovely captions by Brenda Big Tits which had a lovely tone and some were very spot on no matter what gender of the doll to be was started with. we started emailing and to inspire her a bit i send over loads of MB of images that were very mannequin / doll like.

the results are on her blog now so go look at the latest entry here.

she also took up call to caption the doll and collared pvc girl and i really liked it but wanted more depth to it, so with her permission i used it as a base, expanded it and sent it back to her who deftly trimmed it further.

the result is above and i think its really very good.


ps; links fixed and to post in comments - sometimes its the only thing that keeps us creative types going...

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Anonymous said...

Always a pleasure to be on your blog, hon... unfortunately, I think your link to mine is broken. Not that anyone would notice.

God, I get so lonely.