Saturday, January 01, 2011

a series of encasements

i'm usually encased in a doll box of some sort when in second life. is my preferred state to be honest. i am my own screen saver. i do occasionally try other objects. above part of a harp.

a liquid latex fountain. i much prefer non commercial yet busy places. i can be left this way for months.

Miss JaneDoe was always very good at keeping me locked up and attended too. here's an evil tube whose time locks were set to months and months on end. suit is an inworld reproduction of my mannequin catsuit made by Rubbers Finest.

i also had some time like a ship in a bottle. here a domme teased me as dommes tend too with promises of total latex objectifction and utter control - they never come through however or loose interest and abandon me. actually i like this bottle a lot as it reminded me of story called Lesbians in a Bottle which i've now figured out how to realise in world. do go read the story - its on Legacy of Time Less Beauty.

Bubbles have also always been a fascination and here somewhere in space i float encased by bubblegirl Sophie.


ps; more posts when i get over this crappy cold.


Anonymous said...

Searched and Search for the story "Lesbians in a bottle" with no luck. Do you recall the author?

Anonymous said... for part 1 and part 2

Anonymous said...
have a look at this pic

Pzyche Demonia said...

..and to think I used to have you trapped in my bedroom...but don't be blue, remember that you aren't ALWAYS posed and inactive, as visitors to Doll Island saw this weekend! That was a little like Lesbians in a Bottle...or rather in a slab of perspex...

Pzyche Demonia

Asudem Latex said...

i remember being trapped in you castle's bedroom with fond memories. a perfect place for a doll like me.

yes i do get out sometimes; the weekend was so right, so needed, so ..XXX... oh and very much like Lesbians in a Bottle. i wished we were left that way for days leaving us on display. animated toys expressing our lust.

i think she would of liked it too.

still one day i'll be reduced in world to a permsealed latex doll with a wind up key in my back, total control and only set phrases to reply to the world.