Friday, January 28, 2011

almost too late

i was having a catch up session with the High Heel Place which to be honest i had totally forgotten about so it was a treat to revisit it. somewhere on the various message threads i saw mention of Schuh Black Patent Louis Court Shoe and people were really going on about them so i had to look.

now its strange imho as the basic black patent court shoe is a fetish staple so why all the interest? check out the pages customers ratings pop up window. one woman said: I love these shoes! As others have said, they really are something special! I have them in Turquoise & I call them my Barbie shoes as they arch my feet like Barbie's. When I put my feet in to them & stand up I feel like Barbie & they are a very Barbie colour. The high arch makes them feel higher than they are but also supports my feet better than other heels so I can wear them much longer. I brought them last summer when they were reduced. I always wanted them in black if they went on sale, but my size has sold out already :-(

i think maybe its also because from my reading is they are made really well and more comfortable than the 'fetish' shoe sellers. anyone who has purchased a pair of Pleaser heels can totally back me up on that.

oh did i mention they are now 1/2 price!!!!

so i had a look at the site all the while wondering about the state of my credit card and paypal account only to find out they are out of stock.. i almost wept. then noticing they are also available in different stores i called the main number to find out that no, the stores will not send them out. sighs..

good news is that i did discover they have an Ebay store where i was able to nab my size in 'Stone' color.

so if you need more shoes (don't we all) then try both the online shop as well as the ebay link and i hope you find the size your after.



Asudem Latex said...

well they just arrived, storms aside and they are in fact one size too small as it appears they run very small.

thats the trouble with ordering online. still they are lovely and i can see what people are saying about the arch- lovely.


Anonymous said...

I bought a pair in blue a few months back and took the gamble of ordering my normal size and they fit fine. I suppose it just depends on the shape of the feet.

Anonymous said...

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