Sunday, January 23, 2011

today i noticed something

i had crossed a point and hadn't even realized it at the time. so today was when i discovered it and its not really sunk in yet.

essentially i've been training my way up to 4.75-5" heels now for some time. today when i decided to wear an old pair of shoes i simply couldn't. my arch is so defined that any low to mid heel is too uncomfortable to wear. i've crossed that invisible line thats different for everyone so no one exactly knows where it is.

i'm totally fluid and comfortable in 5" wedges i normally wear. i have a few variations on the same basic design that i wear. i decided to a bit dressier and kinkier on tuesday and wore my 5.5" Oxford Courts shoes where noticed that i didn't have to by any stretch think about wearing them. ok, a bit of a lie - stairs i'm always extra careful on. thats just common sense. though for the most part they were as seamless to wear as the wedges.

bizarrely i am still ok on flats. its just anything in between.

so i'll be shopping only for 5"s or higher now which is where i spotted these Zoe wedge heels in clear industrial plastic of some sort. totally useless in winter (i am enquiring about boots btw) and will be added to my 'want' and 'buy' list.

any heel lovers out there please direct me to sites that sell 5"s and hire exclusively. and no 'pleasers' so not count as they they take forever to break in.



Anonymous said...

Do you have any plans to forego flats altogether. At this point, I should think just a month or to of 5" and higher heels should put you over that hump.

Have you seen this site?

Anonymous said...

You need to do some spellchecks before you publish

hire > higher

and there are others

Anonymous said...

Oh, plz say that doesnt mean u dont wear ur Patrick Cox boots anymore. :(
Always hoped to see you combining these with an elegeant pure latex attire.
As a version where the pure plastic doll like look isnt disturbed by the leather looks of the boots.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog. I'm not a hardcore doll enthusiast but I like the sexy fetish wear and makeup.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at, they may have some latex boots, you would like.

Throughfare said...

This made me think of something that just happened. Was passing thorugh Heathrow a few weeks ago & was in line behind 3 Brazilian women.

One of the gals was very short (5'2" without heels, would be mt guess) and she was wearing pumps with impossibly high heels.

I don't think she could wear 6" heels, bacause her foot wasn't even that long, but she was in as high a heel as you can go without being in a ballet-style shoe.

The screener made everyone take off their shoes that particular day, and it was fascinating to watch the lady ahead. When her shoes came off, she couldn't put her heels down to the floor! She made her way through the metal detector and all the way to the belt to pick up her shoes on her tippy toes. She was able to nemd her heels down only about halfway, as far as I could tell.


Asudem Latex said...

seen the Orientvisual site before- thanks

don't own the patrick cox, never found them in my size on ebay. very rare now.

the styles of rubber boots always seem to be the basic ones. not much creativity in the fetish scene for those

good to know that when it finally happens i can still travel by air ;-)