Friday, January 21, 2011

not so much of a story as a scene

Evil Dolly is fetish authoress who is well known for her story Eudeamon which is now in print and also responsible for the hard core rubberisation and isolations of the Banes in Second Life.

sadly she's not written any new stories for awhile although i did discover a little web generator she now has on her homepage just for all of us here; Random Slave Roll Generator

it only took a few goes to get my perfect role:

Latex Doll

Lovely, a doll. One can always use more dolls to pretty up the place, don’t you think? A doll exists to be an idealized version of the feminine beauty. Dolls beautify the environment. You may find them scattered about the mansion, or even as collections in private chambers. From now on, you’re nothing more than a toy: a thing to be dressed up, made over, played with... you exist to have things done to you, but not to do anything yourself. There are many kinds of dolls: dress forms, living statue, wind-up toys, marionettes. You might wear a porcelain mask or you might simply wear makeup. But first you must excel at being a basic doll, so that’s where you’ll start. Sitting and looking pretty isn’t as easy as it sounds. One gets restless. One gets bored. But you’ll be trained to overcome your natural urges and remain perfectly still, staring into space for hours on end. You’ll learn to gather dust gracefully. We do offer hypnotic brainwashing for those who are unable to achieve such stillness. This training doesn’t mean that you’ll never move on your own, but you must master that skill first. Even if a Lady chooses to give you pleasure, you’ll have learned to remain nearly motionless and outwardly placid during your orgasms. It’s not such a bad thing to be a doll. Being a doll means you’ll be dressed in a variety of items – some pretty, some bizarre – but being a latex doll means that every piece of your wardrobe, from top to bottom, will be shiny, skin tight latex. And, unless you’re assigned to sit somewhere or taken to bed, you’ll sleep in a doll box: a locked box with a clear display window on one side, lined with latex. There you can dream sweet doll dreams.

go have a try!


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