Sunday, January 16, 2011

sometimes the images come to you

i think i'm pretty good at developing plot scenes and elements to stories. i'm not too good at dialog and all the rest that goes into stories. hense if anyone wants to help as an editor or writing partner i'd very much like to hear from you. usually i put too much into the mix and to be better, my excessive descriptions need to be trimmed with a big knife.

so i was working through a fashion messaging board in russia that has amazing fashion scans and found this sequence of a fashion shoot and it fits one of my un-written stories like the proverbial glove.

of course i'll be an utter tease and just show the photo's as i've not actually put pen to paper as they say.

meanwhile my obsession for the photo of the gilded room has produce a very yummy story which i've been writing over the last few days. 'writing' maybe a loose term in actual fact. i swear i'm channeling it from somewhere. i seem to be possessed when writing it.

if your in SL and come visit me in the giant diamond trap on Doll Island, i'll give u a draft. a very special thanks to Shape Shifter who posted more details of it in comments. i'll be revisiting her blog soon and detailing it soon and also hunting down that referenced issue of VOGUE UK simply to have that one image. i'll have it blown up and it will go on my wall like a window into the room.



Anonymous said...

Are you asking for someone to work on stories with you? Because I'm always looking for someone with a creative, kinky, naughty, sexy mind.

Asudem Latex said...

oh i think i qualify for all those.

however it has to be made freely available once its done - unless of course you have a publishing deal of some sort.

emailing the draft over.