Sunday, January 23, 2011

my current obsession

well one of them anyway is the photo i've previously posted about bellow. i'm now waiting on the actual issue of UK VOGUE to arrive so I can carefully slice it out, scan it and get it blown up into a poster which i'll hang on the wall like its a window...

i'm still working on it, although to be honest i put it down on thursday and have not been as feverish as i had been.

where are the inspiration for it come from besides the photo. well for one there's an old 90's horror film called 'WaxWorks' that has some very kinky scenes in it. here's one:

there's more of course on youtube if you care to dig deeper.

another element that dovetails into the ongoing story is the mannequin seduction scenes i've detailed previous in postings about it here.

now the really weird thing for those of you who have read it is this recent news announcement 100 Year Old French House of Louis Mantin Opens Its Doors which i just found out about today.



Anonymous said...

Asudem, some wax work type kinky films you may like ;)

Dolls (1987) - this is a film all about you :)

Tourist Trap (1979)

Anonymous said...

Isn't there too much violence in the media and on the street already? Why promote and embrace the sexualization of violence?