Thursday, January 13, 2011

of course you can do it to dolls..

this a friend in London's fetish. i wasn't even aware it was a fetish at all to be honest. how it develops in a person i have absolutely no idea. from the other referenced images on youtube it must be larger that i'd even begin to imagine.

i think she needs to get a good mask so she can do it for real... or maybe i'll just mail her my head/mask for her to use.



Anonymous said...

Part of the surprisingly-diverse collection of magic/illusion (i.e., stage-magic)-related fetishes, usually having to do with cutting in two, disappearing, etc.

One of my favorite spots used to be Shecky's... it's 9 years abandoned by the original owner now, but most of the stories are still there.

Lots of others can also be found out on teh interwebz. There's a surprising amount of overlap in the ASFR/doll/objectification/illusion crowds. :-)

rubberroo said...

thank you!