Saturday, December 23, 2017

not just an excuse to share from the DeMask catalog

i'm currently in Second Life - polling friends inworld who i know or suspect to be real life latex wearers as well to get in their own words the appeal and how it makes them feel for the hypno training / conditioning script idea i'm developing. see earlier post and do chip in.

one thing that i've hit upon and its utterly experienced by me and familiar and its this:

- when you wear latex, the compression of it makes you feel so relaxed, stress melts away and a calmness overtakes you. almost a sacred space -

anyone else? you know where. or email me at

so in talking to a friend there who is even more obssessed with latex than me, she said she's recently been diagnosed as 'being on the spectrum'. then it hit me - is tight latex therapy? and one step further - BD as well? much needed coocooning? i know that special weighted blankets can be made or bought.

anyone else on the spectrum? have a google - but here's one page; deep-pressure-therapy.

perhaps thats my urge, desire to wear latex _all the time_ as it brings me to what most people consider a normal state or something else?



Agithe said...

what spectrum?
there are so many spectra these days that saying 'being on the spectrum' is a bit like mentioning Euler without mentioning which of the large number fields of science one is talking about.

I don't know about latex, but tight clothes and corsets can have that effect.
a tight corset can feel nice, like a hug that lasts all day, and at the same time be an extra layer of armour between you and the world.
I am hoping to buy a new one once I have saved up as the corset I have is completely closed and I feel that it's too loose.

Anonymous said...

Vac beds and inflatable sleep sacks are incredibly relaxing, you can drift for hours.

Anonymous said...

just spotted this;