Friday, December 15, 2017

right idea, wrong color and size

i found them on ebay as 'gravity shoes'.  they're here.

other ones come up - just search. sizes all teeny tho. though beware - depending on the search variables you may end up with a lot of golf clubs coming up - really!

could they be recolored / might do as a steampunk look?


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Z Space Media said...

I had a look for you on and while totally wrong - sort of the right idea and perhaps a plushie would like them?

I'd do a search for them on and - but I don't know what they call them there.

FYI- Liberation shop has a small front window and main floor and then large basement. I do have loads of photo's of it somewhere - enough to give you and idea but not been back for awhile now so no idea what it looks like now.