Friday, January 28, 2011

pop japanese sci-fi mind control...

well i liked it.



Anonymous said...

I understand this is likely mainstream music in Japan, but...

Let's see if we can throw any _more_ cliches at the viewer, shall we? And I'm not talking mind-control stuff either. More things like:

--the generic "trance tune" ripoff from a couple of years ago,
--the obligatory auto-tuned part of the track,

--the use of black makeup as a blood surrogate,
--cliched fight scene against the random "man in black"

--The Madonna Crawl,
--The Wire-fu flying through a rendered city thing,
--and of course the whole wind-blown hair that's three shades more blonde than what's normally possible with an ordinary hairdresser.

Even the original bits were kinda cheesy. Weak fight choreography with a stilted swan dive at the end? Check. Seriously rushed and spazzy "Read or Die" homage at the beginning? Check.

(Then again, maybe this is my annoyance talking here, concerning the volume control, which doesn't show up before you press "play" because it's in _one_ place up top for the ads, and in the usual place on the bottom for the content proper)

In short: This is almost as bad as Britney Spear's "Toxic" video in terms of being That _Annoying_ Pop Starlet Video (tm). All this video would need is to put the singer in a stewardess dress on a plane...


Asudem Latex said...

have you considered your own blog or setting up your own music video business? ;-)


Anonymous said...

I was waiting for the person to say "Just sayin'--" since it feels like something Bradley would write.